Art Davis


ArtGuitarArt Davis is a composer, acoustic guitarist, and keyboardist living in the Texas Hill Country just outside of Austin. While his music is rooted in Folk and Classical music, it is his incorporation of elements from Post-Minimal Composition, Jazz, and Celtic/English/Appalachian folk traditions that gives his sound unique and broad appeal. Fans describe Art Davis as Andrew York meets Phillip Glass meets Bill Frisell. His music is meditative, with strong melodies, the hypnotic cross-rhythms of world music, and an individual sense of harmony melding jazz with simpler folk, and ethnic influences.

Art comes from a long lineage of musicians and composers. His grandfather was a composer of concert band and orchestral music. Art began playing trumpet professionally at the age of 16 in his father’s Jazz Big Band, The Art Davis Orchestra. In many ways Art’s current music projects are a continuation of that lineage. While studying Music Composition at NTSU Art’s love of classical composition, folk, jazz, and ethnic music was a natural response to the vibrant music scene at the music school.

Art is currently in his studio studying acoustic guitar, composing, and researching new folk material for his new CD. “Sea Glass” will be released later this year. Keep an eye out for a free mp3 track, “Sea Glass” to be released soon.


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